Tips on Beginning the New School Year

(How do you begin the new school year?  Do you have ideas of what to do first?)

 Teaching is a very difficult job, especially during our current world events. Teachers have had to make adjustments in the ways they deliver instruction. In the classroom or virtually using technology.  

Currently, schools are closed for the summer. Now is the time for teachers to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. It is also a time to reflect on the previous year and begin to prepare and outline of expectations, procedures, routines, and develop communications with family members.

 We all know you and your peers are ready to let loose for the summer but I want to be here as a resource for you to help you be mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared for this next school year to come. Summer will fly by you so quickly, you might as well start getting prepared as you go. Don’t wait until the last minute to get all of your supplies ordered and prepared. No one enjoys entering a new year stressed out from the get go. This is why I am here to help provide you with some insight and be a resource of supplies you may need as the new school year approaches.

 As a teacher for many years I often took this time to develop such things as my; Classroom management plan, substitute folder, morning meeting topics, forms, worksheets, etc.

For me I would always start off the first day of school by preparing activities that assisted me in getting to know each student. Forming relationships with your students is very important to me; learning what motivates them, their likes/dislikes, and how they get along with their peers.

During the first two weeks of school I give students surveys/assessments. I also implement several team building activities. I would review student portfolios’ looking at work samples in order to identify each students learning style all while taking my own personal notes for each student. For example, how do I keep them motivated, engaged, and interested in learning?

During daily morning meetings I review school/classroom procedures, routines, and expectations.  

I also plan my classroom decoration at this time, each year I use a specific theme such as under the sea, super heroes, prehistoric time periods, at the circus, out of this world (space), and much more. Each area of the classroom is decorated with something from that theme.

My next step is how to  set-up and organize the classroom for instruction. Prior to students returning to school I would complete the following;

  • Gather and organize classroom materials and supplies.
  • Prepare student seating arrangements with name plates.
  • Organize my work files (i.e.-student worksheets, forms, etc.)
  • Prepare a sub-folder.
  • Label text books and workbooks.
  • Label books in classroom library according to grade level.
  • Set up my grade book.
  • Organize my desk and work area.
  • Prepare a medical alert kit – (First-Aid kit).
  • Create a parent/student welcome letter.
  • Create a classroom website, newsletter, or set up classroom Dojo.
  • Organize and prepare emergency contact forms.
  • Prepare classroom icebreakers.
  • Prepare time filler activities.
  • Gather and organize materials for back to school night.
  • Prepare/plan lessons and activities for teaching school

             and classroom expectations.

The first week of school is often extremely hectic. If you plan accordingly, you can set the tone for the rest of the school year. The above tips will help you plan for all the incidentals that arise on week one.


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As you start to think of the supplies you need, head on over to to get your orders in now. This way you aren’t waiting until last minute and feeling overwhelmed. We are all guilty of this to one extent or another. The lessons we teach should also be taken into note for our own lives. Get prepared now!


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, I am only one message away. Have a wonderful summer everyone!

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